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Cloudy Water Woes - Swimming Pools & Spas

Clearing up cloudy pool or spa water is easy to do. There are only two major problems that cause cloudy water and they are:

1) A lack of filtration
2) A lack of chlorine (or other sanitizers such as bromine)

The pool or hot tub water needs to be filtered daily in order to remove organic debris from the water. Organic debris can be anything from plant matter, twigs, hair, skin etc. and all of these will consume chlorine in the water. This is why it is difficult, if not impossible, to keep chlorine levels in the pool if you have leaves or debris on the floor of the pool.

The filtering process helps to remove this debris from the water and capture it in the filter system. This allows your chlorine to remove microscopic debris not captured by the filtration system. A pool skimmer works well to remove debris floating on the surface of the water. If debris is allowed to float for long enough it will then sink to the bottom and begin to decay which will result in algae blooms in the water unless the chemical sanitizer prevents this.

Minimum Filtration Rates
In order to meet minimum filtration rates for residential swimming pools and spas you need to pass the entire volume of water through a filter every 12 -24 hours. Most governing bodies that regulate pool filtration want to see 2 turnovers of the entire pool through the filter in 24 hours however many home owners actually run the system close to once every 24 hours with minimal problems.

If you have a cloudy water condition in the pool or hot tub then you should run your filtration system at maximum until the problem has been resolved. Commercial pools and spas will have much more strict water filtration requirements that will be determined by the health and safety governing body in the area that you are located. Usually filtration for these high bather load systems will need to see a minimum of 4 complete turnovers daily. Some commercial hot tubs even need to be drained or partially drained daily to meet minimum safe standards.

What Causes Cloudy Water
If your filter system has not been turned off or turned down recently, and yet you are having cloudy water conditions then this is likely to be a lack of sanitizer in the pool water. In swimming pools the ideal range for sanitizer is 1-3ppm of chlorine. In hot tubs it is more common to run bromine with levels of 2-10ppm being ideal. If you let the pool or spa run with zero available sanitizer for any length of time then cloudy water is likely to occur.

Without sanitizer in the water to kill bacteria and oxidize organic material in the water the bacteria count will increase dramatically. In hot tub water where 104 degree temperatures promote quick bacteria replication you can see the amount of bacteria in the water double as quickly as every 15 minutes. A single night with no chlorine or bromine in the water is more than enough to have a bacterial bloom that will result in cloudy water. If you continue to run the system without adding sanitizer then you will see the water turn cloudy and then become green usually within 24-48 hours.

No Sanitizer In The Water
This lack of sanitizer in the water is the most common reason for cloudy and also green pool and spa water. To resolve this issue you need to add sanitizer to the water until you have a minimum of 3ppm chlorine (or minimum 5ppm bromine) that shows up on your test strips or liquid testers. If you add chlorine sanitizer to the water and then still test zero free chlorine in the water, this means that the chlorine that you have added has been completely used up already by the bacteria in the water.

Continue adding chlorine until you can take a test of the water and read an established sanitizer level. Check twice daily to make sure that the level does not drop again to zero. If you can maintain the sanitizer level in your water then you will notice the water is dramatically better after 24-48 hours however 72 hours sustained with sanitizer levels above zero the water should be clear. If at any point the sanitizer level drops to zero again for then you will likely need to wait another 3 days keeping sanitizer in the water until you pool or spa clears up.


What Are the Benefits of Infrared Saunas?

Steam saunas have been around for centuries, but infrared saunas are a relatively new invention that blows them out the water. The list of infrared sauna benefits is huge and many people really enjoy the addition of this technology to their daily routines.
Infrared technology is unique in that it allows for light to heat the body and can be aimed at very targeted areas. There are even portable infrared saunas that make it possible to continue your routine while on the road for vacation or business.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

Here we will look at just a few of the most popular reasons people are using infrared saunas.

- Safety. The heater in a steam sauna, as well as the steam, can be dangerous and it is quite possible to burn yourself. This poses a particular danger if you have children in the house. On the other hand, infrared saunas allow for a gentler heat and aren't as likely to burn anyone.

- Time. The amount of time you can stay in a sauna greatly depends on how much heat you can take. The average steam sauna is only bearable for up to 20 minutes, with many people unable to take more than 10. This means there is a limited amount of time to sweat and rid your body of toxins. The infrared sauna uses a gentler heat that penetrates about an inch and a half into the body, meaning greater benefits for a longer period of time.

- Health Benefits. There are a huge number of health benefits that are a direct result of infrared saunas. In fact, you'll find that the infrared heat can cure many skin issues like eczema and acne, get rid of candida, and even relieves pain in the joints, making infrared saunas pretty popular for these reasons.

- Weight Loss. It's no secret that saunas can help with weight loss. They do this in a variety of ways, breaking down toxins and fat cells and also by helping you sweat out excess water.

- Stress Relief. Today's average adult suffers a lot of stress. There are bills to pay, prices are ever climbing and it just gets to be too much. A relaxing sauna treatment allows people a little time off to sit with there with their thoughts, no laptops or cell phones allowed and they can feel better.

- Energy. Thanks to the toxin releasing actions of a sauna, you'll often have more energy afterwards. That, combined with weight loss makes for some added zip to your step and an extra bit of energy.

- Better Skin. Not only does the infrared sauna help with curing many common skin ailments, it's also great for giving you that healthy glow. Since you will be eliminating nasty toxins that tend to clog up pores and make sink look dull, you'll find that after a few treatments with an infrared sauna, your skin will really be brighter and healthier looking.

- Immunity. Did you know that infrared saunas can actually help boost your immune system? Getting rid of toxins and knocking out those bacteria that the immune system is normally fighting will allow your body to turn to things that really matter, invading viruses and bacteria.

Infrared saunas have proven their worth on the market and more and more people are finding that they enjoy using them and have also experienced many benefits and even cures for common problems like skin issues and yeast infections. Whether you use a public infrared or a home sauna version that you can install in your basement, infrared saunas have plenty of benefits that you won't want to miss out on.


An Innovative Design for Beach Lounge Chairs

There are a lot of great beach lounge chairs on the market today, made by some very good companies. Today we are going to take a look at one of these companies and at the beach lounge chairs that they offer.

One of the more innovative beach lounge chairs on the market today is manufactured by a newer company called Deltess, but their products are better known under the name of Ostrich. Like many great companies, they got started by finding a solution to a problem.

Their story starts in 2003 when Dave D'Alessandro was relaxing on a beach while on his honeymoon. He was lying on his back on his lounge chair, reading and soaking up the rays when he decided to turn over and tan his back. The problem was that he wanted to continue reading his book, but couldn't find a comfortable position - a predicament many of us may be able to relate to ourselves. It did not take him long to think, "If only this lounger ..." - a solution to the problem. When he returned home, he started working on a design for an improved lounger, the basic design which is found today in Ostrich 3N1 beach lounge chairs.

But before I tell you about the chair, how did he bring it to market? He teamed up with an old High School friend, Adam Tesser, who had business and finance experience, and formed the Deltess Corporation in January of 2004. But a good idea and a business background does not a successful business make, you have to pay the price. It took a year and a half to develop and patent their 3N1 beach lounger, but since then the momentum has snowballed as they have expanded to include other revolutionary products to their product line.

Let's take a look at the initial idea that launched them to success: the 3N1 Ostrich Beach Chair. The problem that Dave had was that he wanted to lie on his stomach on his beach lounge chair and comfortably read his book. The only way to accomplish this is to hang over the end of the chair. This gives no support to your head and places your arms at uncomfortable and awkward angles. The basic, and rather obvious solution to this problems was to put strategically placed holes in the lounger. The primary hole was put where your head rests when you are sitting on the lounger in a normal position, but when sitting normal that could be inconvenient, so a headrest, or pillow, is placed there that can be flipped back to reveal the hole when you want to turn over. Then, a bit lower down there are two armholes. These really do not interfere with sitting on the chair since there is still plenty of support for your back. But, now when you flip onto your stomach, simply place your book on the sand under the face hole, and keep reading! You can easily reach through and turn the pages.

Ostrich 3N1 beach lounge chairs not only solve this dilemma, but has other great features as well. They are lightweight and fold up for easy carrying, the frame is made from durable aluminum that is treated so that it doesn't rust, it has classy wooden arms with a cup holder in one, five adjustable chair positions and three adjustable positions for the foot rest. It stands 12" off the ground, and comes with a handy carrying strap. This comfortable lounger is offered in three great color combinations (blue and white striped, hot pink, and cool blue), so you are bound to find one that you like.

The idea of taking a problem,solving it, and turning it into a successful product is the American dream, and Dave and Adam fulfilled their dream by improving the design of beach lounge chairs.


Fun Swimming Pool Games for Everyone

Copyright (c) 2011 savvycontent.com

Today pools do not merely function as a place to exercise your swimming skills or to laze away your idle afternoon as they can also be used for other water-based recreational activities. This write-up highlights three types of swimming pool games that would certainly make it difficult for you to get your guests or family members out of the pool.

• Whispered Word

This particular swimming pool game necessitates at least two groups that should form a straight line in the water, and each group leader must stand in front and soundlessly read the word written in a provided sheet of paper. Once the game starts, he should inform the next member what the word is, but this should be done under the water. The last member is the only one who is allowed to announce the word out loud.

• Invisible Bottle Search

If you want to experience one of the liveliest and most exhausting swimming pool games of all, then the Invisible Bottle Search would be the perfect option. The game starts by preparing a bottle that has identical colors with the bottom of the swimming pool. Aside from being covered with a white cap, it should also not contain any form of marks or labels on the surface. For it to sink at the bottom of the pool, it must be filled with water. While participants need to have their backs to the pool, they could start searching for the invisible bottle as soon as they hear its splash, indicating that it has already been thrown at the middle of the swimming pool.

• Wet Sweatshirt Game

A nice swimming pool game for everybody would be the wet sweatshirt game. While it would help if majority of the participants are swimmers, kids may also join provided they swim at the shallow areas of the swimming pool. No less than two groups are required, and the first team member should naturally wear the sweatshirt. Once the signal is given, he must swim to the other end of the pool and swim back to where he started, and then pass the sweatshirt to the next person. Whichever group completes the game first is declared as the winner.

On the whole, this just proves that swimming pools are really pleasant places not only to work out, swim and laze around as they are also a great place to socialize and simply have fun with people who are close to your heart.


How to Prime a Swimming Pool Pump

Priming a pool pump can sometimes be a difficult process. If there are any deficiencies in the pump, the installation, or the plumbing lines themselves then this will make it much more difficult to prime your pump - maybe even impossible.

Pool pumps are centrifugal pumps and are referred to as "self priming" which is a misnomer. The pumps require manual priming to make sure the pump has water running through it. Running a pool pump without water will cause it to overheat and likely fail. Self priming refers to a pump that is able to evacuate air from the system. A swimming pool pump is able to draw air, however they are much more effective at moving water than air.

Fill The Pump Resevoir With Water
The process of priming a pool pump begins with adding a full strainer basket of water to the pump. You then tighten the lid on to the pump, ensure all the valves installed on the system or in the open position, and turn the pump on.

Below Grade Pump Installation
If the pump is installed at a lower level than the water level in the pool then the pump will be filled with water as soon as you open the isolation valves. This instantly primes the pump as the weight of the water level in the pool pushes water through the plumbing lines and directly into the pump.

Above Grade Pump Installation
For a pool pump installed above grade after you turn the pump on you will need to wait for anywhere from 60 seconds to 5 minutes while the pump attempts to lift water from the pool all the way to the pump. The higher the pump is installed, and the longer the plumbing run from the pool, the more difficult it will be for the pump to prime.

If after five minutes the pump has still not picked up the prime then you should turn the pump back off, open the lid and fill with water again. Repeat this process up to three times before engaging in further troubleshooting of the system. Be sure to not let the pump run longer than 10 minutes if it has not picked up prime as this can cause damage to the pump.

Air Leaks Prevent Pump Priming
If the pump will not prime and you have repeated the process of filling the pump with water a few times, then there may be another problem with the system. The most likely thing by far is that there is air entering the system somewhere. The leak can be anywhere in the plumbing system from the threaded pump suction connection all the way back to the pool skimmer and main drain.

If any changes to your filtration system have been made then you will want to review these changes to make sure that there are no potential leak areas. New plumbing connections could potentially be leaking. You should also check and be sure that you are not missing O-rings in any of your valves or unions, and that the winterization plugs on your pump are all installed properly with gaskets in place as well.

Lubricate Pump Gaskets & O-Rings
Finally the pump lid and O-ring need to be inspected to make sure that they are sealing properly around the pump manifold. Gaskets or O-rings that are cracked, broken, flattened or misshapen should be replaced. You should lubricate O-rings and gaskets every time that you touch them with a silicone based lubricant. Do not use petroleum based lubricants like Vaseline as this will cause the gasket material to degrade.

The final place to inspect for leaks is the manifold where you thread your plumbing connections into the pump. If you use the wrong thread based sealant or overtighten these connections you can put a crack into the manifold which would prevent the pump from priming.


How Shiatsu Massage Chairs Came into Existence

The shiatsu massage chair has become very popular in recent years. It is based on the ancient Japanese massage technique of shiatsu, which differs from basic Western massage techniques. Western massage relies more upon kneading and rubbing, but shiatsu is based upon applying pressure. This is even evident in its name, the direct translation from Japanese means finger (shi) pressure (atsu). An experienced practitioner will not only use their fingers, but also their knuckles, elbows, palms, and thumbs, and a few will even use their knees and feet when they need to apply heavy pressure!

The Japanese regard shiatsu so highly that it is a regulated and licensed medical therapy in Japan by their Ministry of Health and Welfare, whose official definition is: Shiatsu technique refers to the use of fingers and palm of one's hand to apply pressure to particular sections on the surface of the body for the purpose of correcting the imbalances of the body, and for maintaining and promoting health. It is also a method contributing to the healing of specific illnesses.

Today in Japan there are two main schools of shiatsu: one based on western anatomical and physiological findings, and the other based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

The original school of thought practices shiatsu based on TCM uses shiatsu massage to work the acupuncture points along the body's energy channels (also called meridians) to balance a persons energy flow. This is a great form of treatment for Westerners who are interested in acupuncture but are put off by the needles.

A formal school of shiatsu therapy based upon Western medicine was first opened in Japan in 1940, but it was not until the 1970's when shiatsu techniques started to appear outside Japan. Today over a dozen philosophies or variations exist of shiatsu, and since the 1980's, most of these variations have occurred in North America and Europe.

Though there is little scientific support for the healing properties of a shiatsu massage, no one can dispute the overall feeling of good health and stress relief that is brought on by one of these massages. As massage has become more main stream in western society, the massage industry boomed. Companies have sought ways to make a massage accessible to more Americans. This brought on the massage chair industry in the 1980's. These chairs have slowly become more deluxe, and with the interest in shiatsu, the popularity of the shiatsu massage chair has boomed. This has especially been great for individuals who do not feel comfortable going to a massage therapist, they can enjoy a massage in the privacy of their own home.

Almost any shiatsu massage chair on the market today offers a variety of massage techniques, including compression, kneading, percussion, and rolling. The application of pressure that is key in shiatsu massage is applied in chairs by rollers. In a good quality chair, you can control the rollers to move up and down your back, you can control the width between the rollers, and also how much pressure is being applied.

Though a quality shiatsu massage chair may seem like it would cost a lot of money, it is really an investment in your health. It is like having your own personal massage therapist on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year! These chairs do not provide just a back massage, but also neck, leg and foot massages. Besides relaxing your muscles, a shiatsu massage chair also rejuvenates the mind and body and reduces fatigue, providing a whole body experience. I have never met a person who regretted purchasing a shiatsu massage chair.


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